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As Maya Angelou once said, "There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

This is where I let it all out into the world, this is where I tell my stories.

When I called Surf Instructor Michelle Sommers for a surfing lesson, I was not sure about the outcome. I was uncertain about my capabilities to learn it.  Am I too untrained, not agile enough? But Michelle immediately took my fears away and encouraged me to give it a trial. She told me that everyone could learn surfing independently of age, gender or weight. Most important would be a bit of strength, agility and you should be a strong swimmer.


And that’s how it happened that I traveled to Assateague Island, to take a surfing lesson with Michelle.

If I had to describe Assateague Island with one word, I would choose „ Garden of_Eden.“ It is nature at its best

on one of America's last fully functioning barrier island ecosystems.

Assateague Island offers one of the most beautiful, longest and wildest beaches of the US East Coast. Here, you can walk along miles and miles of powdery, white sand and share the beach with wild horses, turtles and when you are lucky with some bald eagles.


„ At Assateague Island, you share the beach with wild horses, turtles, and some Bald Eagles."


The wild horses, for which Assateague Island is famous for, are the real owners of the island. Unattended beach equipment gets browsed by curious horse snouts from time to time. And sometimes you can also watch dolphins jumping out of the Atlantic Ocean. Nature is here the main attraction.


Assateague Island is stretching 37 miles (60 km) from Virginia into Maryland facing the Atlantic Ocean.


And although vibrant Ocean City is just around the corner, it never gets crowded. There is more than enough space for everyone. Assateague State Park is also an insider tip for surfing.


You mostly find locals on the beach, and you find Michelle Sommers, who knows almost everybody there. She is the only Surf Instructor who is allowed to give Surf lessons at this area.


Michelle has specialized in Surf training for women and is giving instructions based on the specific needs of each individual.

And she definitely does go for the extra mile. She does inspire confidence in you and helps you to develop a passion for this sport


When I felt for the first time the energy of riding a wave below my feet, it made me feel excited. It seems that the power of the wave enters straight into your body and shoot happiness to your brain. This is what Michelle calls the „Stoke of Surfing.“


You are literally riding the energy of the ocean. But you only can do that if you put in the appropriate effort. This means in the first instance of paddling hard, doing the right pop up and being able to find the right momentum to catch the wave.  You have to allow yourself to be brought into the real-time where you don’t think right nor left. The ocean only shares his energy with you when you get a hundred percent involved in it.


With a surf training at this beautiful and inspiring location, you will forget office life for a moment and find back to the rhythm of nature.



Contact Michelle Sommers via,


Assateague State Park Address::7307 Stephen Decatur Highway, Berlin, Maryland 21811, USA

The quote, „you can do anything if you try“, reflects an attitude for which I love American people. It is about „Encouragement.“  Americans always try to encourage you. It doesn’t matter if it is about „trying out something “ or just „trying out yourself.“ As long as it rules within your capabilities, they will motivate you to do it.

Surfing at Assateague Island, Maryland, USA

You can do anything if you try.

03 July 2018

Mit Meike


Faces of America

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